While they are usually the smallest room in the house, bathrooms nevertheless can be thought of as being made up of several even smaller spaces. Shower space, toilet space, lav & sink space. I’ll stop there; one can go too far with divying up the room into even smaller spaces.

bath tile, toiletThe point is, each element in the bathroom creates it’s own zone. Let’s look at some of these:

Toilet zone; Low flow toilets are the wise selection, and these come in a wide variety of styles. Modern low-flow toilets use a more powerful flushing mechanism in order to reduce the need for more water. Select a quiet flush type or you might be wakened in the night by the loud “swoosh” a family member causes. Speaking of noise, the quiet-close toilet seats are a nice option.bath lav, undermount sink, faucset

Shower zone; Bigger is better! You can have a beautiful shower with basic functionality or you can create a truly personalized spa environment. Did you think you could only have one shower head? Not so! A traditional wall mount showerhead, plus a rainshower head are a nice combination. One can always add more for that all-over spa experience. Tiled walls with glass doors and add some water-rated light fixtures to brighten the showering space are a nice touch.

double sink lav in bathroomLav and sink space; If there are two of you vying for space at the sink before heading off to work, have a double lav installed, with two sinks, two mirrors, and all the trimmings. Countertops can be anything you want, and since bathrooms are much smaller than kitchens, the cost will be less. Be sure to have enough storage and electrical outlets for your needs as well. Perhaps a charging drawer for the hairdryer or electric shaver.

Instead of thinking about the bathroom as one entity, think of it as many separate elements; but be sure to combine the style into a cohesive whole!