In every station of the bathroom there is a conscious effort to improve access, ease of use and healthy living.

The toilet has been upgraded to a much more functional and pleasant fixture. Comfort features include heated seats, bidet-style washing systems, self-lowering seats and night lights. To deal with germs, hands-free flushing and self-cleaning toilet systems can be purchased.

In the vanity area, mirrors and medicine cabinets can be enhanced with improved lighting systems that eliminate shadows and more closely resemble natural light. Fittings at the bathroom sink can be motion or touch-controlled.

The tub/ shower can be installed with hydrotherapy options for a stress reliever and muscle relaxer, not to mention, the spa-experience these updated fixtures can provide!

For safety, be sure to include the stylish grab bars that manufacturers are designing for the bath; anyone can appreciate the sturdy grip of a grab bar when the shower floor is wet. Be sure to include non-slippery tiles in your bath remodel.