Bathrooms need renovating pretty frequently, in comparison to the rest of the house. The causes are the hard use they get and moisture issues.

You can’t go wrong with a bath remodel; upgrading this room will improve the sale-ability of the house when that time comes and makes the home more desirable. Not to mention the joy you will get from using a totally refreshed bathroom.

Here are some things to consider for your remodel:

  • Tile is the most popular and durable material for flooring. Large tiles help a small bath look larger. It’s a good idea to select tiles that have texture, to reduce slipping with wet feet.
  • Many bathrooms are on the small side; it is a proven fact that selecting the right colors can make a room appear larger. Pastel shades that stay in the white to cream color spectrum are recommended.
  • A bathroom should have a bright lighting system, as this is the place where people inspect their faces and hair. A good idea is to add additional lighting around the bathroom mirror; brightly lit mirrors are the best places for shaving or applying makeup.
  • The use of various built-in accessories, like recessed toilet roll holders, medicine cabinets or soap dishes, will give your bathroom a more elegant look.
  • Add hooks to hang towels, bathrobes and clothes; this will provide space for things, without cluttering it up with more shelves.
  • Installing additional mirrors will help make a small bath appear larger by visually expanding the area and reflecting more of the light.

There you go. Now do it – or better yet, hire a reputable contractor to do it, then sit back and enjoy the luxury.