Cute Small Bathroom

Cute Small Bathroom

I found a nice blog from a company located in California that has some excellent explanations on why so many of us “feel a need” to change (i.e.: remodel) our bathrooms or kitchens!  I’ve included a link to their website article, and below that is a quote on why we should remodel the bathroom.

“Although the bathroom is not public like the kitchen, it is definitely the most important private room in the house. The bathroom should be a soothing and luxurious place to relax when the events of the day are through. Seeing an eyesore of a bathroom everyday after having a long tiresome day can definitely take a toll on you. Remodeling the bathroom to create your private fortress of relaxation can do wonders for you. With the variety of designs available, your privacy can finally have its luxury.”

I think that with the stress and uncertainty that the present economic climate has many of us in, having a place where we feel safe and relaxed is important.  For those who can, plan that remodel and have a reliable, trustworthy firm that has excellent references and a track record of doing high quality work perform the remodel for you.

Calming, soothing colors and tile patterns

Soothing use of colors and tile

Think about what would make your life more pleasant and enjoyable; sometimes it is the small changes we make that can make huge differences in our mood.  The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, yet we go into that room perhaps more times than any other room!  Make it a pleasant room to boost your mood.