Second only to kitchens, bathrooms are the next most popular rooms on a homeowner’s remodeling wish list. Although they are the smallest room in the house, bath makeovers can provide an excellent return on investment when you sell. Many studies agree that the return on investment is around 80%.

There are many ways to remodel a bathroom. You can stay with the simplest by upgrading fixtures and paint; or you can move walls and increase the size of the room, and you can have the fixtures moved into more desirable locations in the room.

Lack of adequate storage is a common problem in bathrooms; there are ingenious ways to create more storage during your remodel. Other great remodeling possibilities might be to include high-end features such as a second sink or a heated floor, and elegant light fixtures. When the time comes to sell, you will be able to attract more buyers and in the meantime you can enjoy the upgraded features. Other popular upgrades include steam showers, walk-in curbless showers and built-in shower niches. Installing a skylight or sun tunnel can give the impression of more space without moving walls.

Decide on your budget and then invest in the highest quality materials and workmanship that your budget allows. Your experienced contractor can help you with balancing quality of materials vs. the labor costs to install.

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