Before you hire a contractor and have them tear out the old bathroom, be very sure you and your contractor have a well thought out plan for the new bathroom, with optimization of the space in mind.

Not everyone has a huge bathroom that will accommodate everything you can think up! And in any case, a well organized and efficient layout will be most enjoyable to all.

If the bathtub is a popular bathing option in your home, you might consider replacing an old standard tub with a stylish stand alone.  If bathing in a tub is rarely or even never done, consider replacing it with a spacious shower.

Is there enough storage in your bathroom? Whether your bathroom is large or small, there are ways to increase the storage; even building narrow shelves into the wall! And any awkward spaces, such as space between the end of a tub and a wall can have floor to ceiling cabinets or shelves built in.

Have the lighting designed to provide just the right amount of light for shaving, make-up application and any other preferences, such as night-time low light levels.

Don’t forget grab bars and good quality (and quiet) exhaust fans!