Black tile floor retro style
Black tile floor retro style
I’m intrigued by this dramatic retro-style tile flooring, done in black with white trim. 

We’ve renovated many bathrooms all over Whatcom County. Here are a few of our recent projects that showcase custom built bath vanities, solid surface vanity tops, tiled showers and flooring.

Bath & shower

Bath, shower & bath lav


Close up of flooring:

Custom tile flooring

Custom tile flooring


Remember that you can be creative and unconventional in your bath remodel – it is for you, after all. 

Small attic bathroom
Small attic bathroom – with octagonal retro floor tile
The following information is excerpted from Bill Howe, Bathroom Remodeling, San Diego.

“The bath and shower area can also be a strong focal point in the bathroom.  Your space will often determine whether you will have a walk-in shower and/or separate tub or tub/shower combination.”

“Commonly used materials on the walls are tile and solid surface. Consideration should be given for maintenance, aesthetics, cost and durability as you make the material decision. Other options in this area are for benches, tile accents and shower inserts to hold shampoos and soaps.”

“There are numerous possibilities for fixtures including body sprays, rain showers and slide rails. The finish of the shower fixtures should be coordinated with the accessories.”

“Shower or tub enclosures also offer a way to customize your space. Frameless glass is an effective way to make a bathroom feel larger. The texture of the glass will affect the translucency yet still allow light to penetrate. Fabric curtains are also an option and can be extended beyond the width of the tub with a curved shower bar.”