Great bathroom remodel

Very nice bathroom renovation

It often takes a relatively small change to your home to make you feel a 100% better about coming home!  The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, and it is no exception to this rule.  If you wake up and step into a well designed bathroom with pleasing colors, it starts your day off with a good feeling. 

The blog Calfinder points this out in their review of the popularity of bathroom remodels right now and the wisdom of selecting your contractor early in the year.  Calfinder provides a pre-screened list of contractors, none of which are in our area!  You can check out Rose Construction Inc. at our website and get plenty of word of mouth recommendations for our quality work from plumbing, flooring and lumber suppliers in Whatcom County. 

Bathroom vanity with 2 lavs

One of our bathroom remodels

In the meantime, check out the nice photos of home remodeling projects on the Calfinder website to get some great ideas on the changes you want to see in your home and then go to our website and see some of our work!