Bathrooms are typically much smaller than any other room in the house, so one might think they are inexpensive to do a make-over; not so, however!

This little room is plagued by moisture, as everyone knows, and is chock full of water-using fixtures. So care has to be used to be sure the water stays where we want it, and doesn’t get out where it will do damage.

Start with a good quality exhaust fan – this will keep the room smelling fresh, by removing as much of the water vapor as possible. Have a timer put on the fan, so you don’t need to remember to turn it off.


The contractor you select should be experienced and skilled in remodeling bathrooms. All surfaces should be prepared properly for a moisture – laden environment, and properly installed to that there is no pathway for moisture into the subfloor or walls.

When having a bathroom remodeled, a big cost-savings can be achieved if you can keep the fixtures in their current locations. This will save on removing and installing new pipes to each fixture.

Never fear, however, there are those of us (like Rose Construction Inc.), who not only can remodel that bathroom for you, but provide information and advice on how to save money on the remodel, and what are good materials and fixtures to buy.

Don’t forget those grab bars! Everyone can use a few in that wet environment.tiled shower, grab bars