Common problems with existing bathrooms are: too small, worn out surfaces and fixtures, and water damage.

Too small bathrooms can be tackled with one or more of these options:

  • Move a wall out to make the room larger.
  • Re-design the room so that the space it has works better.


Worn out surfaces can be remedied by tearing out and replacing. This can be the fun part of remodeling, as you pick new materials to go into your updated bath.

  • New flooring
  • Replace shower/ tub.
  • Replace toilet
  • Replace exhaust fan with new, quiet fan!

Water damage can cause all sorts of problems, rot being the most worrisome.

  • When your contractor pulls out that cracked shower or flooring, he/she may find that some moisture has gotten down there and more than the surface materials needs replacing.
  • This gives you the opportunity to have that heating flooring installed that you’ve always wanted! (Of course, you don’t have to have rotten underlayment to have this done, but it makes a great excuse.)
  • If the damage has gone on long enough, the floor beams may need repair as well; a good reason to have a general contractor who can handle every problem that may arise!


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