Here are some guidelines to help you with planning:

Least expensive

  • Keep all piping and wiring where it is. (Don’t move the toilet, sink or shower!)
  • Do replace tub/shower walls and door
  • Have a new lav countertop installed.
  • Replace all the hardware and bath mirror.
  • Paint walls and cabinets.
  • Replace the flooring.
  • Have new light fixtures installed.

Mid-price range

  • Have have all new fixtures installed.
  • Move a plumbing fixture or two – toilet, sink?
  • New sink and faucet
  • Heated tile floor installation
  • All new surfaces

Full deal

  • Gut the room and reconfigure floor plan, perhaps even moving a wall.
  • New wall
  • Custom lav cabinet
  • Custom tiled shower – walk-in shower?
  • Custom storage cabinet
  • Lighting features changed

However, even this is a simplification; the type of finishes selected make a big difference in cost, and the single most expensive change in a bathroom remodel are those requiring changes to the plumbing piping. So, if you keep the fixtures in same locations, costs will be greatly reduced.