Ok, so you want to know what type of luxurious tile you can have installed over that heated bathroom floor. Well, what is the primary purpose of a bathroom? Uh, huh, the unglamorous toilet.

However, in today’s bath remodeling products, you can get glamorous toilets! Think of a toilet that is just the right height, stylish design, flushes all that nastiness away thoroughly and quietly, easy to clean, and is one of those low-flow types. What’s not to like? Bath, grab bars, toilet

Then there are bath vanities, faucets and sinks; vanities can be custom-built, or purchased and connected to plumbing piping. Sinks can be molded into the countertop, vessel style, or even undermount, like many kitchen sinks.


Ahh . . . now we come to the shower; the most awesome part of a bathroom. They are typically large, taking up a significant part of the square footage, can have beautifully tiled walls with a glass shower wall or two. The possibilities are endless for shower design, limited only by budget (that nasty word) and the square footage available.After photo - Bath remodel featuring patterned tile flooring, glass shower surround, Bellingham

Bathroom floors should be safe, waterproof, and stylish. Options are sheet vinyl (the least expensive), ceramic tile with endless sizes, shapes and colors. Be sure to select tiles that are not slippery when wet; textured surfaces that have been certified as slip-resistant by the Americans with Disabilites Act are a good choice. You won’t sacrifice style.

Don’t forget the exhaust fan! Select a quiet fan, that way you won’t be tempted to turn it off before it has done it’s job of sending all that moisture laden air to the outside. You don’t want mildew growing in the bathroom. Having one installed with an automatic shut-off timer would eliminate the need to watch the clock and turn it off yourself.

Good lighting will make prepping for the day much easier as well. Shaving, washing and hair styling are so much easier with the right amount of light in the right locations. And mirrors. Don’t forget lots of mirrors!

We are here for you when you need that bath remodel done right!