If you’ve been thinking of re-doing your , but aren’t sure what you want, one way is to look at the latest design trends for inspiration. What looks, finishes and features are popular this year?

exotic bath tile

One is a style that focuses on floor tile; a feature floor tile adds style without overwhelming the space and done properly can be very elegant. Floor tiles featuring exotic motifs from around the world instantly attract the eye with intricate, alluring patterns and conjure images of beautiful, faraway places.

If serenity is your thing, nothing evokes serenity more than nature. Drawing design inspiration from natural materials is a great way to warm a typically hard-surfaced room. Use earthy materials like natural stone or wood-look tiles. Marble floors, countertop materials that mimic natural stone, and wood panel walls will provide a warm, relaxing feel.

Last, but not least, adding plants will bring nature right into the bath.

zen bath, plants in the bathroom