Bellingham bath remodel, double lav sinks, lighting, mirrorsWhether your bathroom is large or small, there are numerous ways it can be improved. Large bathrooms are usually easy, as there is plenty of room to move things around, and room for large showers and tubs; but small bathrooms can be a challenge.

Never fear though, small can be beautiful, efficient and well-appointed. Small means less cost for materials, so you can feel great about that; take that, big bathrooms!

There are principles to apply to every bathroom; here are some ideas.

Plan enough space for each fixture and function. Be sure there will enough space to dry off when stepping out of the shower; there should be a towel rack close to the shower, and another near the sink. Be sure to plan for space around the sink for shaving things, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, etc. If it is a small bathroom, wall shelves can do the job, or niches built into the wall.

Design for good light; natural light is always desirable; but if the window is too small, see if a sun tunnel is possible. Proper lighting should be planned, ambient light, task lighting, and waterproof light over the shower are all good to include.

What luxury items do you desire? Heated towel racks, heated floors, steam shower? Marble countertop? Include what your dream bathroom needs, and your budget allows!Tiled 5' shower with 2 recessed areas for soap & shampoo

Be sure to add a few designer grab bars. Every bathroom should have a couple of these – in the shower, bathtub and near the toilet. You may not think you need them, but they are great when the floor is wet!