So what can you do with that dark, junk-filled basement? You hate to waste the square footage using it as a place to toss stuff you don’t use very often, because you could really use a place to toss the kids when they are getting rambunctious – ┬ájust kidding. No, really, the basement would make a great play room if it was fixed up right.

Not to mention all the options for those whose kids are grown, or already have a playroom upstairs. Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Organized storage
  • Entertainment center; home theater
  • Game room
  • Man cave
  • Woman cave
  • Hobby/craft room
  • Mother-in-law apartment or guest rooms
  • Kids play room
  • Second living room

Transforming your basement into a stylish space you would be proud to show off to guests will require judicious use of light, bright colors. Building a storage wall will eliminate most clutter and make it much easier to find things when you want them.

Another antidote to a dark, cold basement is having radiant heating installed on a concrete floor. Cover with a light colored tile or wood floor and it will transform the room!

Many basements suffer from low ceilings so when installing lighting, recessed is the way to go. To provide more headroom, you can leave the beams exposed and paint them white, which will contribute to lightening the room.

Pool tables, big screen TV’s, sports bars and comfortable furniture will go a long way to making the basement into a well-used space!

Before photo for basement

Bellingham basement remodel, after photo