What makes a small bath workable? It can be difficult to determine what will make a small bath look good and how to fit all the necessities into it. After all, while you can store some things in another location, some things must be stored right where they are used.Lav for tiny bath

Mirrors and bright accent colors work well in small spaces. Install compact toilets and pedestal lavs if your bath is really tiny. Some storage can be found in narrow lav cabinets with sinks that may extend a bit past the actual cabinet.

Wall mounted shelves and shelves built inside walls can add some needed storage as well. ┬áIn the end, storage is important, but no one wants to feel they are in a sardine can, so visual “size” is important as well. The eye can be tricked to make a small space seem larger than it is.

Bathroom Remodel with StorageCheck out examples on the internet, and visualize how you can modify your small bath using some of these concepts. We have many years of experience helping Whatcom County homeowners get the most out of their baths, and the entire home as well! Give us a call, we can help you fix whatever ails your home.