The website, has some great remodeling ideas. One that struck me as very unique are the artistic lighting fixtures designed by Lindsey Adelman. They evoke images of nature – tree branches and glass floats, like we used to find on ocean beaches after a storm.

They are unusual and creative;

Knotty Bubbles Pendant light

Knotty Bubbles Pendant light


This one reminds me of the glass Japanese fishing floats that would sometimes wash up on our ocean beaches, sometimes still entangled in pieces of the netting.

Here is the chandelier that resembles a tree branch!

Lendsey Adelman Globe branching bubble chandelier

Globe branching bubble chandelier


Another chandelier by Lindsey Adelman. The globes are hand-blown glass with metal armature – ultra contemporary and yet mid-century nostalgia.

There are many more creative lighting fixtures by Lindsay Adelman. Check them out on the website,