Spring officially starts on Sunday, the 20th. What could make your home feel more like spring?

You might be noticing a dinginess to the walls, now that days are getting longer and more light shines through your windows. Perhaps your home is ready for a new interior paint job. Consider changing colors, to really make a difference in the feel of your home.

There are things we may put up with during winter, but when spring comes we want to find our outdoor gear. Does it take hours or even days for you to locate that tennis racket, your kayak life jacket or gardening gloves? It’s probably time to get your favorite contractor over to build some nice storage units in the basement or garage.

Basement, built in storage

Spring has always had a reputation for a time of becoming more active, cleaning house, and upgrading our living spaces. If something in your home needs upgrading, be sure to get on your contractor’s schedule, as summer’s are our busiest times!

spring means tulips!