Kitchen remodel by Rose Construction Inc

I think a lot of us could really use a new kitchen. But how to remake it?  It costs a bundle, so we want to get it perfect. That calls for a lot of research. Websurfing, page-turning kitchen design magazines, and tromping through other people’s kitchens, seeing what we like and what we don’t!

Well, I can’t help you with the tromping through other’s kitchens, but I can help with the websurfing research. There is a very nice little website called simply kitchens dot com. This link will take you directly to their page on earth-friendly kitchen products and design – don’t forget to install a location for the recyclables!

A brief list of 12 things to consider for an eco-friendly kitchen:

  1. Kitchen recycling center
  2. Eco friendly flooring
  3. Stained concrete or indigenous stone countertops
  4. Air admittance valves
  5. Wall insulation
  6. Energy efficient doors, windows and skylights
  7. Energy efficient task lighting and lighting
  8. Energy efficient appliances
  9. Low VOC kitchen cabinets
  10. Low VOC paints and finishes
  11. Mold-resistant Gypsum or cement board
  12. Induction cooktop

 What if you are one of the many thousands who owns a home with one of those 70’s orange and brown (or in my case, brown and dark green) color schemes that were popular in that era. What were they thinking?

That brings to mind the 5 top reasons you should consider having that kitchen remodeled:

  1. Get a fresh new look (no more 1970’s color scheme)
  2. Update the appliances
  3. Increase the value of your home
  4. Add more space. A new design that makes the most of all the space in the kitchen; you’ll get more space to move around, and more storage.
  5. You get a new kitchen! This may renew your love of cooking and will make the kitchen a much better place for the whole family to enjoy.

The list of 5 reasons to remodel your kitchen are from investment property help. From the name of the website you know that investing in a kitchen remodel will increase the value of your home – #3 on the list!