Here are some ideas to update your home:

  1.  It takes some time for your fav contractor to schedule a full kitchen upgrade, but here are some things he/or she can squeeze in between those big jobs that were put on the schedule last winter. How about having the cabinets painted a new color? Replacing the hardware with something totally different would be ice touch as well.
  2. Everyone loves wood flooring; it feels warm and comforting, and is a durable material that looks great with any home decor. If you already have wood floors, spring is a good time to have them refinished. They’ll look so great when the sun shines through the windows on them!
  3. Add undercounter lighting to your kitchen cupboards. They can serve as a soft light when you don’t want the brightness of the ceiling light, and also as work lights when preparing meals.
  4. Upgrade your deck; it may need repairs or just professional cleaning. Have it inspected, and then proceed from there! New sturdy railings or adding on a built-in feature, such as a bench or barbecue station with a little outdoor fridge and a sink.
  5. How about having a couple of grab bars installed in your shower or tub, like you’ve been thinking about for years now? Age has nothing to do with it – they are a great safety item for angrab barsyone, and should be installed by a professional, so they will be sturdy and sealed so that water never gets into the wall.