Bellingham Washington


Bellingham is a popular city for active retirees, with our close proximity to sea and mountains. But what happens when physical challenges make it hard to get around the house? One popular solution is to remodel the space to make it more user-friendly for everyone.

When it is time for a remodel, it is smart to include aging in place upgrades along with new tile and appliances! So, what upgrades does a home usually need to accommodate someone with mobility issues?

Wider doorways will make it easier for walkers and wheelchairs to pass through.

Lever style doorknobs are easier to use than round doorknobs. They don’t require a twisting motion, and this can be a great asset for someone with arthritis or an injured wrist.

Bathrooms should have some grab bars, and you don’t have to have mobility issues to appreciate these steadying devices. Tubs and showers are slippery and usually wet, so some grab bars will be a life saver for everyone. For an elderly person, put one next to the toilet for assistance in getting up and down.

Have the bathroom flooring replaced with slip-resistant materials, such as vinyl and linoleum, and they are a bit softer if a person falls than stone.

Installing some of the kitchen countertops at the recommended height for wheelchair users will make it easier for someone using a wheelchair or scooter.

For more information, give us a call. Rose Construction’s DyLon McClary is certified in designing kitchens and baths for mobility impaired persons. We have remodeled many Whatcom County homes for these issues.