Universal Design refers to features that make a room or entire home accessible to all. Accessibility issues can refer to poor eyesight, arthritic hands, unstable walking (such as needing a walker), or even wheelchairs.

The first room that homeowners usually think of in this regard is the bathroom. After all, even if we don’t cook, we all use the bath!  Here are some features that will make the bathroom safe for anyone:

  1. Adequate doorway clearance.
  2. Grab bars.
  3. Seats in the shower.
  4. Faucet design.
  5. Toilet height.
  6. Shower controls and hand showers.
  7. Low or no-threshold shower entry

Many of these options can be done without tearing out the bathroom with a complete overhaul. However, when you do have that complete upgrade, be sure to include universal design features, as many as you can.

Upgrading to universal design does not turn your bathroom into a hospital bath, in fact you may not be aware but most of these features are included in high-end hotel baths and spas.

Your family and any future buyers of your home will value the modifications. Check out our website for some of the bathroom remodels we have done in the Bellingham area. They include some universal design features.