If your house is perfect, except that you could really use another bedroom, we totally understand. Sometimes you need a guest bedroom (because you hate giving up your bedroom for the in-laws visits), or you ended up with a boy and a girl, and well, you know they can’t share a bedroom for very long.Basement remodel, guest bedroom

Bedrooms can be created in an unfinished basement or built into a garage. Of course, codes have to be met to ensure they are safe (such as egress windows in case of fire), proper ventilation, and insulation.

Another, more expensive option, is a small addition; often these are built over the garage or the case of one of our clients, a small second story addition was added.

Second floor small addition to add a guest bedroomOf course, if the  bedroom is for you, you will want a master bath built off the new bedroom!

Just a few ideas for your perusal; what will work for you depends on budget, the configuration of your home, and who the new bedroom is for.

We can help you will ideas, CAD drawings and construction. Our over 30 years of experience and returning customers can give you plenty of references and reassurance of high quality work and a warranty to back up that work.