If your kitchen just doesn’t work for hosting dinner guests, maybe it’s time to renovate; if your kitchen layout, appliances and even the faucet are so unappealing that the thought of planning and preparing a party menu is off-putting, then it really is time to update that space.

Opening the kitchen to the home’s main living area makes it much more inviting to guests.

The sink is a key point in the workflow triangle for any kitchen and the faucet should work well for all the tasks you expect it to do. A hand’s-free faucet is almost like a third hand, as you don’t have to put things down to use it!

Easy-clean surfaces take some stress from meal preparations, as you can keep the kitchen looking great even as you cook. Those ever-popular stainless steel sinks are part of an easy-to-clean kitchen, and they always look great.

Kitchen islands provide additional meal prep surfaces with built-in storage below and a place to congregate for your guests while you cook! Win-win.