Addition with deck

There are many reasons a home can feel too small: A growing family, a need for another bathroom; a new hobby that needs its own room; accumulation of too much “stuff”; or perhaps the kitchen is too small, with little room for company, or you might need a play room for the kids?

Adding on can give you room to breath! Adding a second floor is always an option, but can add to the cost due to walls needing some upgrading to support the second floor. The advantage of going up is that you don’t lose any of your yard, and many houses are built right up to their side yard clearances already.

We typically get requests to add a room over the garage, which usually provides a pretty roomy 400 square foot space, minus the required stairs, of course!

Consider how much it would mean to you to not have to put your projects away; you can just shut the hobby room door. Rose Construction has plenty of experience in designing, permitting and building both second floor additions and expanding out at grade level.

Bellingham 2nd floor addition in progress