Bathroom remodels require a lot of attention to detail. There are so many choices to make; tubs (yeah or nay, and style), sinks, tile, and much more. But it’s small things that can make or bring down a design.

The shower head selection is more important than you might think; the style and appearance are important, but the type of spray it delivers is even more important. Modern low-flow heads are designed to provide the same satisfying feel of a traditional shower head, with less water. Shower heads can be installed on a vertical sliding grab bar, to the height is adjustable, and having a hand held feature as well provides quite a few variabilities for use.

Tile grout; do you prefer white or a darker color? Be sure it goes with the tile you selected.

Toilets; be sure to choose a comfort height toilet, they sit a bit higher than older versions, making it easier to get up after use. You definitely want a water-saving toilet; they are made so that they flush away the waste with way less water than in years past.

Sink faucets have lots of options; single lever, dual levers, finish, and styles. This depends on your preference, so put a lot of thought into your decision! Many prefer to match the faucet to the shower head style, and you can even match all the hardware style – faucet, showerhead, toilet roll holder, towel bars, robe hooks!

So there are some things to think about; you want to be happy with your bathroom for years to come, so do some research, get advice and go for it!