Hope to you all had a wonderful Christmas, and here we are, looking straight ahead to new years, 2019! Amazing! We won’t require you to fulfill any new years resolutions, but you have had time to think about how your home is working for you! 2nd floor addition, sun room

Too many relatives and not enough space in that kitchen? Could have used another bathroom? Sometimes what we have is OK, but re-arranging a few parts of the house would make it flow so much better!

  1. Custom built kitchen cabinets can be designed to fit your cooking and appliances.
  2. Older kitchens often were completely blocked off from the rest of the house – removing a wall and opening the kitchen up to the dining area can make a huge difference in the “feel” of the room, and the social activity for everyone.
  3. Sometimes you don’t really need another full bath, but a powder room for guests would be so nice! No waiting!
  4. Storage space in the garage can be built so that everything can be found easily, and can actually take up less space, when shelving and cabinets are built in.
  5. Another issue is often worn out flooring; maybe it’s time to replace that dining room carpeting with some wood-look, low maintenance tile!

So now that you have survived the ultimate home test (numerous relatives for Christmas dinner and/or several days vists), you have a pretty good idea of what could use improving in the homestead. Give us a call when you are ready to “make it so”, and we can do that for you!