The kitchen is as much a family area as the dining or living room. Or even more so, depending on your family habits!

Hence, you might as well make it as modern, well equipped and updated as you can. Remodeling that space will bring a dull and outdated room back to life.

If you have been unsure if now is the time, here are some ideas to get you motivated:

  1. Walk in pantries provide that storage you always wished you had, especially right after returning from the grocery store.
  2. Updating the backsplash is a small project with big rewards. It can brighten up the area and add some personality to your home. A splash of color, added texture, or even downplaying the backsplash to create a subdued and mellow vibe. Whatever works for you!
  3. Add an island or breakfast bar. We all can visualize how appreciated this would be. Eliminate some of the steps you currently make to bring food to the dining table. And no need to talk louder to converse!
  4. Sometimes the home you bought years ago manages to feel smaller as time progresses. More family members, either additional children, or elderly parents moving in, can have that effect. Extend the length of the kitchen island so more can comfortably sit and enjoy each others company.
  5. Updating the kitchen cabinets are the ultimate upgrade. Either a complete tear-out and redo, or have new doors installed and/ or refinish the interiors.

It’s hard to find anyone who regrets a kitchen remodel. It’s always worthwhile, just be sure you do your research and get what you really want, built by a contractor you trust.

We have over 30 years of experience in Whatcom County doing all kinds of home remodels, check us out and then give us a call when you are ready!