Love this article from Kohler on six of the hazards you want to avoid when remodeling your kitchen. Title: 6 Kitchen-Planning Myths. I’ll list the topics here, but go to Kohler to read the article!

Myth#1 :”I can add that easily at a later time.” ~ Maybe not! See what Kohler says.

Myth#2: “I’m not having any clutter in my new kitchen.” ~ Hmmm . . . just where will you put that bag of flour and that big jar of sugar? Out of sight hopefully . . .

Myth#3: “Bigger is always better.” ~ Maybe not. Read the comments.

Myth#4: “I don’t need a designer.” ~ Well, maybe not. But be sure before proceeding. Remodeling your kitchen is like squeezing the toothpaste out of the tube – once its done, you can’t put it back the way it was.

Myth#5: “Yes, it will fit.” ~ Maybe, maybe not!

Myth#6: “I want what she has.” ~ Not all houses are the same, nor are all tastes.